Wednesday, 27 Feb 2008

What a small dick loser

I know like everyone has this loser on there blog lol
so i decided too add him to mine to. Because look him
hes such a small dick wierdo even though i really dont
even think its the losers pic that emailed it too me but
oh well. Speaking of losers right now i have a loser on

Ignore and hes listening to me type right now lol as im
sitting here yelling LOSER!!! lol he loves it. I can hear
him wacking off his little pecker and feeling so lucky
to even be on the line with a hot girl such as myself.
and he’s lucky im even yelling LOSER! to him. I bet

Its the only attention he has had all year by a girl.
“giggles” and the call before him was waring his gf’s
blue panties and i made him tuck his lil wee wee
between his legs like girl hahahah. Ok now im getting
pretty honry and want dirty old men too call me
so i can get them off for hot phone sex. so give
me a call and lets fuck hardcorE

Loves and Giggles

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