Monday, 10 Dec 2007

Be my santa?


Its me sammy and im looking for a santa this
year want to be him? Christmas is almost here
and i cant wait!! Im so excited you woudl think
im a little kid hehe. I really love christmas and
getting presents. I have been good really good

but i have done alot of naughty things to alot
of men. So i think i should be rewarded lol for
it. I have swallowed so much cum and my lil
pussy has been filled to the brim :) it was so

hot making all these men cum and not to
mention all the ones on the phone that i
make cum. They just love my hot little
voice. what can i say? So sugar santas
be sure to leave somthing in my stocking
this year for being the good/naughty girl

for you :) Ok its like almost 6 here and i
better get back to doing my homework.
i wanted to blog and let you guys no what
i have been up to. Dont forget to give me
a call so we can play over the phone and
ill let you fill me up ( yummy )

2 Responses to “Be my santa?”

  1. Santa Says:

    Hi Sammy,
    Hope you had a very wonderful Christmas. It is a fact that some girls while on the naughty list do get very nice presents. But if you think about it, remember that Santa only gets to cum once a year, and that is down a chimney. So if you want to be a little naughtier this year, I promise that Santa will be a little nicer! Talk to soon my hottie.

  2. LightningMcqueen Says:

    WOWWWWZA… Would I like to see you cumming down my chimney..You would not have to deliver any gifts but yourself! Hot outfit by the way.