Sunday, 2 Sep 2007

3 day weekend

Yay its a 3 day weekend yay i can party :) well i have this
hottie jason calling me and he’s so adorable and always
telling me how much he loves me and how sexy i am. You
can never tell that to a girl to many times because we love
to hear it over and over. I just wanted to mention my new

sweetie because he’s so cute. I didn’t do much today but
i do think im going out tonight to have some fun. There’s
not much to do around here today so i did log on and take
some phone sex calls and get more guys off like i always
do. I cant believe summer is over :( but the good news

is that Christmas is right around the corner :) i love Xmas
so much and i get so excited and love to decorate oh i
cant wait. Im already getting so excited lol. Well right
now im looking up Amy whinehouse pics because she is
just so fucking awesome and i love her music. Ok its

getting a little dark outside and im going to call my friends
and see what’s up and if were going out. I do plan on
staying out late and having sum fun but we i got to
call them and find out. If not ill be back on doing phone sex

Love Sammy

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