Sunday, 19 Aug 2007

My trip

The Princess is here and really horny :) someone really
needs to come lick me *yummy* I wanted to say hi to
my new little fan Tim he’s so adorable and cute. He
really made me cum so much and of course i did the
same for him :)Today was a little fun i didnt get to do much because
i have some family here so i couldnt go out and party
with my friends wich really sucks but other then that
im doing pretty good. I got my flordia trip coming up
here in 2 days im really excite for that yay! i hope

you all will miss me ill be living it up on the beach with
my friends and partying so hard! prolly throwing my
brains up lol but we all no im a daddys girl and daddys
little sammy would never do that! Im such a good girl

that they think im going on a trip to flordia to see a
wonderfull museium LOL Yeah ok!!!! NOT!! Im going
to party and play with some hot guys. Well i better
get some sleep i gota go get my cutsy little pussy
all waxed tomorow so it can get licked in FL :)
Nite nite

Love Sammy

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