What a small dick loser

Posted on Wednesday 27 February 2008

I know like everyone has this loser on there blog lol
so i decided too add him to mine to. Because look him
hes such a small dick wierdo even though i really dont
even think its the losers pic that emailed it too me but
oh well. Speaking of losers right now i have a loser on

Ignore and hes listening to me type right now lol as im
sitting here yelling LOSER!!! lol he loves it. I can hear
him wacking off his little pecker and feeling so lucky
to even be on the line with a hot girl such as myself.
and he’s lucky im even yelling LOSER! to him. I bet

Its the only attention he has had all year by a girl.
“giggles” and the call before him was waring his gf’s
blue panties and i made him tuck his lil wee wee
between his legs like girl hahahah. Ok now im getting
pretty honry and want dirty old men too call me
so i can get them off for hot phone sex. so give
me a call and lets fuck hardcorE

Loves and Giggles

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Valentines day phone sex

Posted on Wednesday 13 February 2008


Happy valentines day guys :o) its me your little
sweethart. I need to really keep up on my bloging
i guess im to busy playing with my *young* little
pussy. Speaking of that where is my MR. ANDREW

Hes my sexy teacher who has special things for
me to do for extra credit hehe and lets just say
he gives me an A+ because he says i take it like
a trooper *giggles* and i sure do miss my BF
jason :( he never calls me anymore and i really

Miss him, i guess you can say i have a thing
for jason :) jason call me when you can, well
its getting late and its past sammys bed time
lol. im about to sign on and take phone sex
call, so if you need me you know where i am

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