Its friday nite

Posted on Friday 31 August 2007

Well its friday night and its time to go out yay! Im sorry
i havent blogged in a little bit but i have been so busy
with school that i havent had the chance too to catch
you up. I have been on taking hot calls and playing with

My pink little pussy for all dirty perverts and making them
cum all over ther hands like the perverts they are :)
i love taking controll over men and making that do as i say

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My trip

Posted on Sunday 19 August 2007

The Princess is here and really horny :) someone really
needs to come lick me *yummy* I wanted to say hi to
my new little fan Tim he’s so adorable and cute. He
really made me cum so much and of course i did the
same for him :)Today was a little fun i didnt get to do much because
i have some family here so i couldnt go out and party
with my friends wich really sucks but other then that
im doing pretty good. I got my flordia trip coming up
here in 2 days im really excite for that yay! i hope

you all will miss me ill be living it up on the beach with
my friends and partying so hard! prolly throwing my
brains up lol but we all no im a daddys girl and daddys
little sammy would never do that! Im such a good girl

that they think im going on a trip to flordia to see a
wonderfull museium LOL Yeah ok!!!! NOT!! Im going
to party and play with some hot guys. Well i better
get some sleep i gota go get my cutsy little pussy
all waxed tomorow so it can get licked in FL :)
Nite nite

Love Sammy

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Crazy weekend

Posted on Sunday 12 August 2007

Well its been such a crazy weekend im sorry i wasnt
able to take many calls at all :( . I just have all this
crap going on. Im going on a family vacation to FL
yay im so excited. Its going to be me my parents and
im bringing my best friend shannon along and i heard
Thers going to be so many boy’s and fine ass chicks!

well i went shopping this weekend with my best friend
and we picked out some pretty hot bikini’s for our sexy
young little body’s Im so single it sux i need a really hot
boyfriend with a big (giggles) dick. He better be able to
Put that tongue to work *you no what im sayin?* lol

because i just love having my little bald pussy licked
mmm mmm mmm! especially by old dirty perverts who
i dont let fuck me but i love to let them eat me out
& spoil me like the princess i am. Well im logged in now
and taking so Phone sex calls so call me and lets play
and be naughtyLove lil

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My first post

Posted on Friday 10 August 2007

Welcome to my brad new site :) its about time
i got a blog well now i got on now woohoo!!
anyways well i woke up this morning and took
some hot sexy calls and made lots of men cum
and drain ther balls :) i love being a nasty littlecum slut.So i pretty much just chilled out all
day in my jammy’s taking calls and well you no!
i was playing with my tight little pussy :giggles:
Tomorow i have to go get my hair done so i can
look all pretty for the boy’s and tease the hell

out of them. Well its pretty late here and im tired
so im going to go to bed and sexy dreams and boys
dont forget to leave me coments down ther on the
bottom of my post!! Ill write tomorow nite nite


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Hello world!

Posted on Friday 3 August 2007

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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